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With commercial mowing turf type identification reveals what will be required to maintain lawn in good health, color, and pest free condition. Height will be adjusted for optimum performance of turf type and seasonal moisture conditions to reduce stress on turf. Bidirectional mowing will reduce compaction, keep grass standing up for a quality cut and leave an appearance of stripes in the turf. All clippings will not be seen as they are discharged evenly and in directions that will keep them away from non turf areas.

Turf will be hand trimmed so that it is the same length as the lawn. Trimming will be completed with every maintenance session.

Edging is the vertical separation of turf and all adjacent borders or hard surfaces, removal of sod trimmings and soil debris along edges. This keeps grass from invading and damaging walks, drives and lots. Edging also leaves a clean streamlined appearance to turf and hard surfaces.

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I appreciate the service that I have received from your Ross Landscaping and thanks you for the care that you have given at different times concerning the yard problems that developed with the differeant weather conditions. Your service has also offered great value for what I have received.

I am happy to continue the service with you.

Steve Dyer

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The Ross Lawns Garden Center has everything for your landscaping and lawn care needs. We feature a complete selection of trees, shrubs, plants, pavers, stone, mulch, and more. Stop into our Garden Center today and check out our wide selection. Read More ›